Thursday, July 12, 2018

Well, that was the world cup. As you can see, Maisie has collapsed in shock at the news that England have been knocked out. Alternatively, having mown the grass on a cooler day she decided to roll around in it and attract my attention.

The weather has been wonderful with consecutive hot sunny days and we have a glut of raspberries with a bowlful collected every day over the past week. Freshly picked, sweet and simply delicious. I'm the only one in the family who eats them because Mrs C refuses to eat anything I grow and No.1 son isn't interested in them. Yes, they have creepy crawlies on them and dirt but a wash and cleaned up, pop them straight into ones mouth and enjoy. I also have a reasonable crop of radishes which are also very tasty. You can't beat homegrown fruit and veg. The media is now full of dire portents about water shortages, rationing and the usual end of the world nonsense. Remarkable when one considers how much rain we get throughout the year. I have stopped using the hose and use the watering can instead on the plants important to me. Raspberry, tomato, borage, Hydrangea and the rose plants getting a twice daily dose. The grass is brown and looking very sorry for itself but we will inevitably receive some rain at which point there will be media nonsense about floods and Noah. However, I am making the most of the good weather as are the cats who spend a lot of time outside. As I wait for responses to my job applications I intend to enjoy the rest of the summer and slowly make my way through a large pile of books.

Part 2. We made a trip to the 'Tip' aka The Recycling Facility to finally get rid of a lot of rubbish from the garden. Lots of plastic rubbish plus an old TV and other assorted metal rubbish. The amount of children's bicycles down there was surprising. The staff tend to auction bicycles off for charity, generally once every two months. I remember as a kid how any and every bicycle was held on to and recycled by the kids themselves. Not having two pennies to rub together having any old bicycle was a cause for celebration, hence old rusty junk heaps with dodgy brakes and wonky wheels. If too far gone we'd make an old go cart and then let mayhem commence as we headed for the steep roads to let rip. The local cottage hospital did well out of the local kids with breaks, scrapes and sprains. What also surprised me at the tip was the amount of computer and TV stuff, much of it fairly modern to my old eyes. Built in obsolescence seems to get shorter and shorter although I do wonder how much is broken up and recycled into new technology. Possibly not enough...Sadly, Sandy's old plastic bed was amongst the stuff and another potent reminder of her has now gone.



Blogger Scoakat said...

Maisie is pretty cute there, once my eyes focused. My first thought was 'that's an odd looking skunk!'

10:51 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Lol. She's a chunky little beast compared with her first appearance when she was young, pregnant, starving and homeless. She is a cutie.

7:11 pm  

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