Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A quick update since the death of my father and his funeral. It was expected as he had once again been hospitalised, the eighth time in the past twelve months. Oddly enough he had rallied and was apparently in good form but he then died. I didn't attend his funeral and neither did my brother as we both separately decided we had moved on in our lives and my grieving was done many years ago. I shan't say any more but I am ok and sadly, for him, my life has not been affected by his death.

What can I say...Lord Muck? The fluff monster continues to visit and despite removing him from the house he appears to make himself more comfortable with each visit. I am angry with his owner because he remains thin, has difficulties with eating on one side of his mouth and the injury he has to his face which I believe is the cause for his pain hasn't healed up. The owner is an unpleasant individual who threatened the cat rescue group with police plus lots of verbal abuse when we thought he was homeless. Mrs C suspects that Fluffy will move in with us when the weather turns during the next winter. His real name is apparently Elvis and Maisie when outside won't come in if he's about. I have to shout when we put him out "Elvis has left the building!" and she will eventually come in.

I have a job interview coming up for a job I used to do and I am keen to return to work as the financial situation is tight. The other two jobs I applied for I didn't get an invite for interview but I had expected that. A further two jobs I applied for I have had no word at all. I assume I was unsuccessful but the interview I have got is for a job I applied for three months ago so who knows whether interview invites will come out? A friend had suggested I take up a job elsewhere in the country and live there in cheap lodgings Monday - Friday but I am not overly enthused about that. There is lots of work in London and the other big cities but I can't see that as being cost effective. I'll see how this interview works out...

In other news my car was vandalised and it seems to be an annual occurrence on this blog. Some moron breaks a wing mirror or scratches and bashes my car. I'll replace the wing mirror at some point but I think crime and anti-social behaviour is increasing locally. Perhaps I should buy a bow and arrows!!

I returned to modelling today and I am plugging away at the trawler. Slow progress but I am enjoying the build and the painting is the interesting bit for me, attempting to bring it to life. All acrylic paints so far but I shall be applying some oil paints to enhance some depth to the model. I had considered a diorama but my skills at reproducing water and especially the sea isn't too good. I might do it at a future point. I have a lot to learn still when I look at the following.

Something to aim for...



Blogger Scoakat said...

I'm sorry about your father. But I understand, y'know?

Elvis knows well to try with more caring keepers. I was going to ask how he gets in but you must have something open for your own cats. Ours are strictly indoors. There have been other cats about, even just outside the door glass from our cats. Perhaps we're overprotective but they are happy, healthy and do not try to leave, either.

Good luck with the job interview! Believe me, going back to a prior job can have it's benefits. I have my fingers crossed for you!

Sorry about your car. I do hope Grimsby is still a nice place to live but some of the things you've mentioned recently would have me concerned...

11:36 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks Scott. Not an easy situation but I accepted some time ago that I had made my own peace and moved on.

Elvis is a cheeky cat but I think he knows he is treated very well here. I put him out yesterday evening only to discover an hour later he was fast asleep in our kitchen. I think he got through an upstairs window. We leave the back door open when the weather is good and the cats wander in and out. If your cats are happy then that's all that matters. Maisie grew up as a semi-feral cat so she spends a lot of time outside, even sleeping by the back door or windows when she is in so as to hear the sounds of the outdoors. I worry about the cats if they stay out mainly because of road traffic and feral cats / fighting.

I think Grimsby is experiencing a situation other towns experience as friends and family inform me about things happening local to them. We have talked about moving house but I do like it here, I just wish I had off street parking.

6:17 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

We've all spoken before about dysfunctional parents, I know. Good that both you and your brother felt the same way and were true to your prior thoughts. So many people don't manage this when ush comes to shove and then regret going later. Do you feel any differently now he's gone?

If you are thinking of working elsewhere - could you stay with your mum and work down here? There do seem to be a huge number of unfilled post in MH specialities.

It does make me wonder why someone with your skills and experience is having such a hard time - is it ageism or is it simply cost? Younger less experienced workers are cheaper (and easier to get to toe whatever false/misguided line is currently being trodden)?

8:53 pm  

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