Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A quick update since the death of my father and his funeral. It was expected as he had once again been hospitalised, the eighth time in the past twelve months. Oddly enough he had rallied and was apparently in good form but he then died. I didn't attend his funeral and neither did my brother as we both separately decided we had moved on in our lives and my grieving was done many years ago. I shan't say any more but I am ok and sadly, for him, my life has not been affected by his death.

What can I say...Lord Muck? The fluff monster continues to visit and despite removing him from the house he appears to make himself more comfortable with each visit. I am angry with his owner because he remains thin, has difficulties with eating on one side of his mouth and the injury he has to his face which I believe is the cause for his pain hasn't healed up. The owner is an unpleasant individual who threatened the cat rescue group with police plus lots of verbal abuse when we thought he was homeless. Mrs C suspects that Fluffy will move in with us when the weather turns during the next winter. His real name is apparently Elvis and Maisie when outside won't come in if he's about. I have to shout when we put him out "Elvis has left the building!" and she will eventually come in.

I have a job interview coming up for a job I used to do and I am keen to return to work as the financial situation is tight. The other two jobs I applied for I didn't get an invite for interview but I had expected that. A further two jobs I applied for I have had no word at all. I assume I was unsuccessful but the interview I have got is for a job I applied for three months ago so who knows whether interview invites will come out? A friend had suggested I take up a job elsewhere in the country and live there in cheap lodgings Monday - Friday but I am not overly enthused about that. There is lots of work in London and the other big cities but I can't see that as being cost effective. I'll see how this interview works out...

In other news my car was vandalised and it seems to be an annual occurrence on this blog. Some moron breaks a wing mirror or scratches and bashes my car. I'll replace the wing mirror at some point but I think crime and anti-social behaviour is increasing locally. Perhaps I should buy a bow and arrows!!

I returned to modelling today and I am plugging away at the trawler. Slow progress but I am enjoying the build and the painting is the interesting bit for me, attempting to bring it to life. All acrylic paints so far but I shall be applying some oil paints to enhance some depth to the model. I had considered a diorama but my skills at reproducing water and especially the sea isn't too good. I might do it at a future point. I have a lot to learn still when I look at the following.

Something to aim for...


Sunday, July 22, 2018

I am currently working on a model with a local connection, the Ross Jackal trawler which is a sister vessel of this...

The Ross Tiger which is moored not too far away from here. Modelling has taken a back seat whilst we have such glorious weather but I get the occasional hour in until I am interrupted.

Watson looking for a fuss after attempting to place his paws on the recently painted kit. He does not like the hot weather and he is frequently found in various cool spots fast asleep, coming to life at night and wanting out.  

We had some 'excitement' here with a dumped bed across the road set on fire by feral kids necessitating the fire brigade attend to put it out. What with a murder and two recent knife attacks at the local Asda (Walmart), plus further rooftop shenanigans and drugs raids, this town is rapidly going downhill. It is worse in the cities particularly London but I wonder why the various emergency services have been cut to the bone and ne'erdowells and other assorted wastrels are allowed to get away with anti-social behaviour and crime. I could blame the government and I frequently do but given the choices we have on offer I have little faith in any of these bargain basement rejects that call themselves politicians. Unhappily, the current situation is a perfect breeding ground for extremists of both the right and left wings. As for Brexit...I no longer have any idea what is going on and unfortunately neither does the government.  


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hooray! We had some much needed rain last night and the petrichor scent yesterday evening was marvellous. I have to admit that I stood out in it for several minutes just to feel refreshed. The photo above is from yesterday late afternoon as the cats emerged from their various hidey holes as the day became slightly cooler. We have a concern about one of them, Sherlock who has possibly acquired a second home as he disappears for most of each day.

I may have to put a collar and name tag on him which will be fun as he always removes collars, from himself as well as the others! Back to the book and a much needed cup of coffee after further gardening.


Friday, July 13, 2018

What can I say. It's been a beautiful day with gardening, sunbathing (Factor 30 applied!) and some reading. This evening, to cool my fevered brow down I have bought a few cans of the above and I am scouring the jobs ads. Three applications sent off so far this week including one excellent part-time job that I am hopeful may come to fruition. I also received a tax rebate this morning after overpaying my taxes last year hence the few beers above although I did buy them in the bargain store. They will look familiar to you Scoakat!
Chin Chin!


Thursday, July 12, 2018

Well, that was the world cup. As you can see, Maisie has collapsed in shock at the news that England have been knocked out. Alternatively, having mown the grass on a cooler day she decided to roll around in it and attract my attention.

The weather has been wonderful with consecutive hot sunny days and we have a glut of raspberries with a bowlful collected every day over the past week. Freshly picked, sweet and simply delicious. I'm the only one in the family who eats them because Mrs C refuses to eat anything I grow and No.1 son isn't interested in them. Yes, they have creepy crawlies on them and dirt but a wash and cleaned up, pop them straight into ones mouth and enjoy. I also have a reasonable crop of radishes which are also very tasty. You can't beat homegrown fruit and veg. The media is now full of dire portents about water shortages, rationing and the usual end of the world nonsense. Remarkable when one considers how much rain we get throughout the year. I have stopped using the hose and use the watering can instead on the plants important to me. Raspberry, tomato, borage, Hydrangea and the rose plants getting a twice daily dose. The grass is brown and looking very sorry for itself but we will inevitably receive some rain at which point there will be media nonsense about floods and Noah. However, I am making the most of the good weather as are the cats who spend a lot of time outside. As I wait for responses to my job applications I intend to enjoy the rest of the summer and slowly make my way through a large pile of books.

Part 2. We made a trip to the 'Tip' aka The Recycling Facility to finally get rid of a lot of rubbish from the garden. Lots of plastic rubbish plus an old TV and other assorted metal rubbish. The amount of children's bicycles down there was surprising. The staff tend to auction bicycles off for charity, generally once every two months. I remember as a kid how any and every bicycle was held on to and recycled by the kids themselves. Not having two pennies to rub together having any old bicycle was a cause for celebration, hence old rusty junk heaps with dodgy brakes and wonky wheels. If too far gone we'd make an old go cart and then let mayhem commence as we headed for the steep roads to let rip. The local cottage hospital did well out of the local kids with breaks, scrapes and sprains. What also surprised me at the tip was the amount of computer and TV stuff, much of it fairly modern to my old eyes. Built in obsolescence seems to get shorter and shorter although I do wonder how much is broken up and recycled into new technology. Possibly not enough...Sadly, Sandy's old plastic bed was amongst the stuff and another potent reminder of her has now gone.