Friday, June 22, 2018

Swans update...they are using the old nest as a resting place and there are still seven cygnets who have grown rapidly in size.

Further down the river there anything between nine and eleven young swans at any time, not including the new family above. Despite the rubbish, traffic fumes and feral brats, they do seem to thrive here.

Behind them is the large brownfield site owned by ABP (Associated British Ports) which has lain as an empty waste ground for almost 15 years now. The abode of rabbits, foxes, feral cats and dog walkers plus skate boarders and winos during the day.

I am currently reading this book which is a collection of walks around London with commentary on history, geography, society and mythology. Fascinating to read and as an ex-Londoner some of it familiar to me and some of it new. Chapter 8 is home territory for me and I was able to follow the walk using google earth as I read the book. It took three times as long because I kept getting side tracked to look at old buildings, etc... He has a site (Blog?) which is well worth a visit and I have spent many an hour perusing it. It has encouraged me to get out and do some walking locally around town.
A quick blog as I am watching football, gardening or reading with the occasional bit of modelling thrown in. I am still job hunting and I have applied for a couple of local jobs. I declined an interview for the last one after I worked out my mileage including commuting would be in excess of 2000 miles a month. I've been there and done that so I have no desire to return to that rat race. Here's a recent build which I will finish over the next week or so. An iconic image that I have wanted to do for a while and at £2.49 I splashed out and bought two!

I hope you're enjoying sunny weather as we currently are and that life is being kind to you.


p.s. He's visiting twice daily now...


Blogger Scoakat said...

Swans must be fierce parents, nesting so openly. I have heard they can be nasty.

World Cup is happening, I'm assuming England is your team of choice. Do you watch a lot of the games? I'm not very interested yet, but I notice it becoming bigger in this country so it is starting to show up on my radar.

Good luck on finding a job that works out well for you! I don't speak of it as much, but I am still actively looking. And time spent commuting is definitely factor.

And yes, getting into the swing of nicer weather, hope you and yours are enjoying as much!

10:42 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

World Cup certainly happening. I've watched many of the games and my wife has watched most of them. Yes, England my team of choice and a lovely 6 - 1 win against Panama although the latter aren't footballing giants!

The swans are very protective of their young but people are keeping an eye on them to ensure their safety.

Job wise...I haven't endeared myself to the local managers of MH provision which makes my search that much harder. I'll see with the latest applications and if they too are ignored. If so, I'll take a ward job at a neighbouring trust at a lower scale as combined with my small pension I should be comfortable. It's a means to an end to finally pay off the mortgage but also to get some work done on the house. I don't mind currently as the weather is lovely with lots of sunshine.

3:59 pm  

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