Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I finished the Panther after a further mistake - once base coated in an acrylic paint and clear coated (varnish) you can apply a thin wash of enamel thinner and pin wash oils onto the kit. I obviously missed the turret roof with the clear coat and the thinner removed the acrylic paint! Hence the Molotov cocktail damage caused by some plucky Russian. Pastels scraped on top and washed in with plain water and then dusted with further pastels once dried. I really enjoy the painting side of modelling expresses my creative side. I may branch out to figure painting on a larger scale although that does require some skill to achieve a realistic effect. Acrylics, pastels and oils...perhaps I should buy some cheap canvases and try that out too.

At my junior school we learnt basket weaving, painting, pottery and classical music so not only learning the three 'R's' but also opening up our creativity. Children are quite plastic and open to new and fun ideas but I do wonder whether the same happens today? Pottery, music, ceramics and art continued at senior school although I opted for music. Rediscovering my creative side via modelling is a pleasant surprise. Up next is the original tank for my Vickers tank interest as I do like these little tanks.

Space is once again an issue as the cabinet is filling up quickly so small tanks like these and possibly those individual figures to make the most of limited space. I might begin to scour the second hand shops and boot sales for cheap glass cabinets and of course any old kits up for sale. I have my eye on this figure on evil bay as it's cheap and it will be an interesting challenge. If I'm successful in bidding for it this will certainly stretch and enhance my painting skills! As Mrs C said last week "Does it always have to be tanks?"

Or perhaps...

Whilst I make my mind up I shall be sorting out my digital camera to capture some decent images of the new cygnets. Mrs C says they have hatched and she believes there are six of them.



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