Monday, April 09, 2018

The Fluff monster has now gone.

Our local cat lady took him for his appointment with the vet for his nutectomy and general check up. He'll then be fostered whilst they seek a new home for him. He was named Samson because of his long fur and a handsome fellow he will be once he has gained more weight. Despite three pouches of food a day plus dry food and titbits of ham and chicken, he was still underweight but slowly filling out. I am sad to see him go but the past few weeks of cat fights as the girls did not like having an intact male staying with us has been trying. He is friendly, easy going and a delightful cat so some family will be pleased to get him. Five cats would have been too much and I suspect I already have a reputation locally as the mad cat man. The house will be a thankfully calmer and quieter place now.



Blogger Scoakat said...

You would have kept him if it weren't for Mrs. C! ;)

I know you're sad to see him go but be happy you could be there for him when he needed it.

6:01 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

You're absolutely spot on Scott! I feel happy knowing he'll have a better chance in life now.

5:32 pm  

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