Saturday, January 27, 2018

I have been having a trawl through my mobile and the photos on it. I forget where my photos are stored: mobile, iPad or digital camera. Hence looking for photos if I am not on the ball can be frustrating especially since I am easily distracted and forget about them.  I am also using this blog as a record of my builds.

  The Matilda 1 with a Mark 6 Light tank I made early last year.. 

I have applied for one job and it is a return to my roots in MH nursing although it also includes forensic work as well. I'll await any response but as I previously stated, I am in no hurry to return to work and I can continue to enjoy my time off. After the last year with poor management, lack of direction and training plus managers quick to blame staff for systemic problems, I want to choose something I will enjoy.

   More recent builds including feline damage repairs!

Talking with friends in various teams and the problems in mental health are national and are increasing. By labelling much of normal human behaviour as a pathology requiring psychiatric intervention plus raising expectations and voila! We have reduced resources attempting to deal with a huge increase in demand. Where once there were three teams with several clinicians in each team, we now have one small team to meet the increased demand county wide. Several staff doing the job performed previously by 25 staff. Madness! No wonder people lose interest as they feel powerless to change anything. 

  The completed Tiger 1with figures.

I guess that I am part of the problem as I admit to having lost interest although colleagues say I remain passionate about my work. I have also withdrawn into my hobbies and often feel like the world can go to hell and I will do my own thing. A sense of just wanting to be left alone. I pop into twitter occasionally as there are some people there I like but most of it is rubbish. FB I now use for a couple of modelling groups and tend to ignore the rest. I am now planning for the spring so that I can escape to the garden and today we bought some wildflower and purple kale seeds. I also have plans to plant a blackthorn bush in one corner as a protection against intruders, for the sloes and to aid wildlife. It is also associated with witches and I am always happy to accommodate them too. Hopefully, now we have a better padlock on the communal alley gate we might see fewer intruders this summer. I also plan to replace our back gate which is now very woebegone. Plenty of fresh air work for the coming spring to get stuck into and blow away the winter blues. But again an escape from the wider world problems.

Finally, a picture from a website of the foyer of my old school...

The upper school building...

All sadly knocked down by the council of whom a prominent member was one Mr J. Corbyn. They don't like educational excellence and despite the school having become a comprehensive it still had many vestiges of the grammar school it had recently been. 

It does look suitable for a Harry Potter movie.



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

This Witch prefers sloes in gin :)

Once you've lost things - be they buildings, or staff passion and creativity, how do you get them back? No, I don't think you can either.

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