Wednesday, December 20, 2017

We've had a few days of ISP connectivity issues as they upgrade the system with newer / bigger / shinier baubles. Yesterday it was hit and miss and again the same this morning. At this time of the year with cold, wet weather and short days I tend to spend more time on the computer and hibernate from the world. So the lack of connectivity is an irritation although I take the time to do other more meaningful activities.

Well...a few days since the above and I have been to Essex to see maternal parental unit and returned.  Touch wood the problems may have been solved regarding the ISP. I must remember to never ever travel in the week prior to Christmas. But all is well with my family in the land of the East Saxons, much conviviality was had and I only had two small sherries! Great to catch up with the family and I can now put my feet up and relax. Final presents bought on my return and just some food shopping to complete tomorrow. Sadly No.1 was hard at work otherwise he could have accompanied me and shared the driving. My son and my nephews all tower over me so we could have the front row for a rugby team in my Mum's very small cottage if he'd come along. We will plan a joint trip hopefully for the summer when there's more to do outside and it will be a B & B as the cottage is very small. On a side note I had no access to any social media and it was great just to sit and talk without people reaching for phones. An exception was made when we searched the internet as we cheated on one clue for a crossword! Now, feet up and time for a beer.



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