Saturday, December 02, 2017

I ventured out for FOTCR ( © Blue Witch ) shopping yesterday which was sensible as it was a work and school day so relatively quiet. But we popped out again today as LE is visiting tomorrow and we can hand her the presents. Again, this happens every year but what is it that makes normally sedate and sane people act like blithering Eejits? In one shop a family with two trollies and umpteen ankle biters decided to find the quiet spot to park their 'arrises where no one will be inconvenienced. That's front of the alcohol section! Quelle surprise that every one and their dog wanted to buy from that section but apparently it was a surprise to Mr and Mrs Bellend and their hyperactive offspring. We escaped with the presents bought and now wrapped up including some for my mother when I pop down to see her. On our expedition we stopped off to admire the young swans who have now been left to fend for themselves by their various parents. They are in the dock where they have a long run up to take off. I might hang around there tomorrow with the camera as I hope to one day catch them taking off. A marvellous site to behold and if all ten of those pictured swans decide to take off en masse that will be even better.

There are plans to develop the town centre and this long neglected dock and surrounding area is being eyed up by the developers. I have mixed feelings about this although we will have to see if it does happen. I would still like to see a wildlife park develop with more trees and encourage more kayaking / sailing. Sadly, no money in that but a quiet oasis encouraging sports, walking, sailing and a cafe with a couple of play areas for kids would be ideal. Put a climbing wall in and some small businesses and shops plus a nice pub would get my vote. The top photo is from long ago when I visited Egypt and it was taken in a cafe in Luxor. Tea and a pipe being all the rage!


Blogger Scoakat said...

I've got to get shopping, myself. I always put it off as these holidays seem to put me off.

Capturing the young swans would be delightful to see!

And as for your picture, I would like to venture a guess - 1986? How close am I?

12:37 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Close! February 1984.

4:53 pm  

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