Monday, September 04, 2017

          Caught in the act of toilet papercide! Little bugler.

The first of eight days off and boy do I need the R & R. The hospital staff have cottoned on to our existence and anything out the ordinary, a little bit unusual or does not merit a tick in their list of little boxes, refer to those odd buggers in psychiatry. So business has been lively of late and when I am working three or four long days in a row I tend to work, sleep and read books. On the plus side I miss much of the media frenzy over the latest 'offence', royal birth or overpaid footballer bought for the overall GDP of a small African country. I now regard each shift as being immersed in the job experience and A & E as my second home. Oddly enough I do now enjoy the work and the challenges it brings although the handy portable arrogance plane to smooth off the rough edges of doctors is seeing regular use. I would love to regale you with some stories but that will have to wait for my proper retirement from nursing altogether. This month will be an odd one in that I effectively have a total of three weeks off. I haven't taken any annual leave yet and I was prevailed on to start taking time off. I should be going to Ireland after yet another health scare for my dad but I have little enthusiasm for that trip. I will be visiting my mum and family but I also have an opportunity for days out at York and other places. Play the part of the tourist with camera (mobile), guidebooks (mobile) and maps (mobile again!) as I visit those places I keep meaning to see. I might even venture further afield and see Hadrian's Wall at long last.

As for today...after working five long days in a row I opted for a couple of hours at the modelling table and spent a frustrating couple of hours sorting out the laptop after last weeks encounter with the blue screen of death. Rebooting the laptop was straightforward and it works well but attempting to remove macafee security was the nightmare today. I asked an expert but even my son struggled to remove it. I finally found a removal tool that had to be downloaded and utilised to get rid of the bugger. Fingers crossed this has now been sorted out, we'll see.


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