Sunday, June 25, 2017

The new position for the raised bed has done wonders for the cucumber and tomato plants, not so much for the chilli. The latter is flowering but the plant itself remains small and I have no idea why. They have all been fed the same, plenty of water and attention. But thinking back to when I set it up after moving the bed and perhaps there was less composted material in the middle and this may account for the discrepancies in size.

I spent yesterday weeding, clearing out rubbish, placing supports for the tomato plant and ensuring the netting is secure.The rest of the garden is tidied up but little else done. I set up a wild flower patch where the raised bed used to be because it is very shady there. Hit and miss with some hardier plants (weeds?) growing well. With three or four twelve hour days at work I have to wait for days off to tend to the garden.

Maisie certainly loves the garden and she's happy to sit out there and soak up the sun, chitter at the birds and follow me around when I am pottering about. She is settled in now although she still stares longingly at the front door at times, possibly remembering her old life on the streets as a stray cat. Who knows? The new build at the back blocks a lot of light out so I will have to consider and plan how to improve the garden next year. I still want to plant something in the corner to provide some more privacy from the new build and because of the little ankle biters roaming around the alley. We previously had a Hawthorn bush and I now regret removing it. I'm now considering planting a Blackthorn instead... Sloe gin and jam comes to mind! It might be some time before it grows to a height to provide privacy. For now, it's cloudy and cooler today with showers so I am popping in and out during the dry spells.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Phew! What a scorcher.
It has been 28 C (82 Fahrenheit) today and absolutely marvellous. Days off and good weather have coincided and summer is finally here. There won't be much blogging because why spend good weather indoors. I hope it's good for you.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Today is the 73rd anniversary of the D Day landings where the weather prior to landing was wet, windy and the crossing was rough. Today's weather has come out in sympathy to commemorate it. The weather is currently the standard default for a British summertime; cold, very wet and windy. Three of the cats sit at the back door or the windows waiting for us to change the settings to dry. Sherlock has been out there for several hours, probably curled up in a dry spot somewhere but he isn't the brightest and I would not be surprised to find him soaking wet on his eventual return home.

I have made my mind up about the election and now know whom I will cast my vote for. It's a shame The Monster Raving Loony Party isn't standing locally because they would get my vote! What an absolute shower applies to the main parties and we have to vote for them. All of them making capital out of the murderous islamist tossers from the weekend. I will have to pop in first thing on Thursday morning to cast my vote as I will be back at work for the next three days. Another three days of twelve hour shifts immersed in the job and pretty much cut off from the rest of the real world. However, there are plans afoot job wise...
Back to listening to CBS radio mysteries on you tube which are a godsend in avoiding the current media nonsense and I can thoroughly recommend them.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Pinch, punch, first of the month and no returns! It's flaming June and surprisingly it is rather nice and sunny out there. I'm back in to set up the new speaker system which arrived today for the laptop as the old one after many years sterling service finally squeaked and died.

The sub tweeter is a big bugger and the sound is wonderful. The cats aren't interested because there are BOXES! As well as the garden full of flying insects which is keeping the two ladies occupied. The boys are probably sleeping under a shady tree somewhere. Speaking of flora, there is a tiny cucumber emerging and flowers on the tomato plant. Progress!

I briefly looked into twitter... a huge political bun fight so I logged out and leave them to it. Who to vote for... the well meaning left wing nut who is friends with extremists, anti-Semites and terrorists and will financially ruin the country or the home counties empty suit who is friends with the sponsors of terrorism, will privatise the NHS and enrich her pals? What a choice and don't mention the fringe greenies, lib dems and other assorted flat earthers. I have no idea but the nhs needs to be shaken up and defenestrated of many of the useless managers and fifth wheels. In one respect Labour may well do this in plans to remove the internal market but then open the gates to another million plus migrants and tax us poor buggers to the hilt to pay for it all. The Tories will move towards a US style insurance model for health and social care... How dry is it living under flyovers once you are bankrupt and homeless after paying for this?  What a choice. I will have to hold my nose and vote for one of them and I may opt for the nuclear button and vote Labour. At least he is promising a better world and he may achieve it although I have my doubts. With egotistical leaders throughout the world building up their arsenals, proxy wars being fought, the rise of religious fundamentalism and more financial melt down coming we are fucked anyway... Hey ho, back to the garden and here's a more cheery picture.