Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nerd alert!
I was engrossed in this latest model making project this afternoon, a Hetzer or more correctly a Jagdpanzer 38(t). After tackling the garden which had grown into a jungle during the wet days and then days spent at work I finally cut the grass and removed the latest crop of weeds. Those buggers shoot up overnight! Itching metaphorically to start on this kit and, literally thanks to hayfever, I spent an hour putting the chassis and wheels together. A nice easy kit to make and I juxtaposed it beside the Citroen saloon car to give some idea of size. This little tank was a tank destroyer and had a four man crew but look at the size of it! The low silhouette accounted for much of its success as well as the 75 mm cannon.

Back to the garden and the cucumber and tomato plants are thriving despite the attentions of the cats. Netting now deployed and some plastic and metal grills laid around the plants. I am determined to grow some decent fruits this year after last years disaster. The only positive of my current job is that I have more days off to attend to my various activities. With fewer plants I can give them space and more attention. Mrs C spotted some aubergine plants for sale and I am tempted to try one out. I have grown an avocado from a stone but never an aubergine (egg plant) but it will have to wait until after the upcoming second weekend on duty. I shall have to search t'internet for aubergine plants because apart from the fruit I have no idea what they look like and how big they grow. Hopefully a quiet relaxing day for those reading this and I shall learn all about aubergines.



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