Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A brief update as a shower is needed after finishing work (hospitals and heating at full blast) and another busy day completed. I am still working 8 - 4 each day but next week I will go onto the 12 hour shifts. Hopefully fewer days at work and more time to play!

Maisie deservedly behind bars as she is again bullying Sherlock. He is freaked out by the alleyway behind our house as people walk along it but also within the house. We can't see what it is but I suspect he is a simple soul associating his anxiety with past events where he was scared and Maisie encourages this. But we often find them sleeping or sitting near each other with no problems at all.

She also tries it on with Watson but he just belts her and she scarpers sharpish before he gives her seconds as seen above just before the battering. All in all it is business as usual with winds, sleet, hailstones and low temperatures to remind us how delightful spring is. Bracing weather Gromit!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hooray! I finished the biplane this morning and I am pleased with the result despite my dodgy painting. I just need to find a safe place away from curious felines to put it on show.

A quiet weekend at home with some decent beers and a good book.

Wishing you all an equally peaceful and relaxed Easter weekend during these troubled times.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Phew! Two weeks into my new job and I finally have time to post a blog as I now have four days off.
An interesting 'induction' which to be honest, if I was new to this job and the company, I would have walked away and sought another job elsewhere. Dropped in at the deep end although people have been very supportive and my immediate boss is a really nice bloke. I shan't say anymore about it for now as it is early days yet and the other two thirds of the team hasn't yet arrived. What has been lovely is meeting colleagues whom I last saw fifteen years ago and catching up on news. By the way, when you read news articles about trolleys queued up in corridors in A and E with ambulances full and unable to unload... believe every word of it.

Otherwise I have been a dull boy with all work and little play although my model making continues apace and I built my first hairy plane in many years. A very small biplane model of a BE 2c from the first world war. It is currently in storage before I paint it as the cats have been honing their hunting instincts and a couple of built models met a very grizzly end!

This Russian BA 20 is almost finished but weathering and markings still required. It is safely tucked away and the aerial is a recycled cats whisker!

These are the latest kits to join my stash although I took delivery of a Hetzer tank this evening. It looks cute for a monstrous machine of war primarily because of its small size.

During my absence I missed my 11th Blogday although to be honest I wasn't too bothered about it. The worrying news about Syria and North Korea plus the ever impending financial melt down which perhaps a major war will address plus my job had a tendency to occupy my mind. Surprisingly I have had some very early nights and in bed at 9.30 because of the tiredness. Lots of walking and hospitals are certainly large places but I am enjoying the walking. I will also have the opportunity to eventually commute by bicycle which I am looking forward to. The journey is about two miles so not too arduous although the return trip home after a twelve hour shift might be interesting. As I said, early days yet and with new senior managers and other changes taking place, it could be a few months before I have a better idea as to whether I made a sensible choice. A means to an end with my earnings to pay the mortgage off, camper van, etc... before I finally retire from nursing to pursue my dreams. Time for a well earned beer and some more music (Humble Pie if you're interested).