Wednesday, March 29, 2017

To a refrain of "I should have known better' I have been movin' and groovin' like an eighty year old pensioner after the garden soil shifting shenanigans. I can just about move and groove to this slow ballad...

The widget has been delivered to the vet for Borg reconfiguration... neutering I mean. Scooped up, cuddled and straight into the cat box with no problems. I walked her there and she stared at the passing world with wide eyes, particularly the vehicles and the dog walkers. I have also asked for an ID chip to be inserted as the cats don't wear collars. Plenty of nearly new ones turn up occasionally in the garden from when we used to put collars on the two boys. Sherlock always removed them, both his own and Watson's. Once recovered we no longer have to worry when she goes out in the garden about the arrival of small kittens three months later.
Catching up on music, books and old TV series has been the order of each day although hopefully I will have some trips out and about during the remainder of the week, weather permitting (raining again). I can recommend 'Wings', a BBC series from 1977 about World War 1 and the Royal Flying Corps. How quality TV drama used to be made... Hard to believe that men used to climb into and fight using these machines let alone just flying them. I must away as I am hoping to hear good news from the vet and collect the widget.


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