Thursday, February 02, 2017

                                     The above picture says it all!

The past two weeks of feline wars and little sleep finally caught up with me and I have taken a day off work. The final straws happened yesterday evening with an energetic kitten with diarrhoea decorating the house and an attempt to re home Maisie which could have gone better. Happily the kitten is now recovered although cleaning soft furnishings and bleaching everywhere else has added new fragrances to the house. The re homing involved an introduction to the prospective new house including their dogs... Therein lay the problem as Maisie doesn't mind dogs but the hyperactive pit bull cross wasn't what we expected nor the hamster. We agreed that it wasn't suitable and she came home with me. To be honest, I'd rather keep her and we will attempt to resolve the situation so that all stay home. It might get easier as the weather improves.  So the order of today is a hot shower, lots of tea and, as a consequence of Mindy's bowels, we are in need of more cat litter.


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