Monday, February 06, 2017

A trip to the land of the East Saxons and I am recently returned bearing gifts and news of strange portents across the land. Yes, my mother had the BBC news on again and I endured their selected stories for the masses. I stopped off at Beers of Europe to pick up a few supplies on my way back and this should keep me going over the next couple of weeks. Mind you, I am off this week and no need to observe work hours...

Primarily British stouts and porters plus one nod to the USA. I usually buy German and Belgian beers but this time I opted for darker beers and from breweries I don't often see available.

For my week off I plan to get some work completed around the house, throw out the accumulated rubbish including some stuff to the charity shop, some modelling and I have an appointment with human (remains) resources for the new job. It will all be done at a sedate pace as I will be in holiday mode. After the family get together over the weekend it will be nice to put my feet up and relax as well. The 310 miles round trip isn't particularly onerous but when every village has a speed limit of thirty, plus numerous roundabouts and the inevitable agricultural vehicles plus Sunday drivers... I was glad to get home. I did look longingly at camper vans parked up in lay-bys as I passed them and thought how lucky they are to park up, brew up some tea and relax. Hopefully the next time I pop down to see my mother I may be doing the same. Mind you, having been behind a couple of them during my journey I realised they are slow but I guess at my age I shouldn't be haring about in the fast lane. The last time I popped down I forgot to bring my phone charger and I bought a cheap one from the market which, when plugged in blew up. Guess what I forgot again this time?  I charged the phone in the car and otherwise switched it off for a few hours to save the battery plus I didn't want a repeat performance for my Mum's electrics!
I shall crack open a beer, read a good book and put some relaxing music on this evening. Hopefully I will have regenerated my batteries and be fresh for the week ahead.


Blogger Scoakat said...

I hope you had a nice trip, I know traveling is a pain but I'm sure your mom appreciated it. I hope you enjoy your time off, as well. Models perhaps? (I almost said modeling. :))

I remember you having Huber before, I pointed out it's about an hour south of me (Monroe, Wisconsin). Have you tried the Belgium Flanders Red or Red/Brown ales? Those are the sours we like. Rodenbach has some very good ones and we've had a Duchess De Bourgogne on most Friday evenings for a year or so now. Good stuff!

btw Love the name 'Old Engine Oil!'

11:56 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks Scott. I had an enjoyable trip and I have enjoyed some of those beers.
The Huber Bock was very tasty and I like the sound of those other beers you've mentioned.
The Engine Oil beer comes in three or perhaps four types and if you ever get the chance do try one. I forgot to take a photo of Thornbridge 'Eldon' which, quite frankly took my breath away it was so good. I may order some more of that directly from the brewery.

4:19 pm  

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