Monday, December 26, 2016

Twas the day after Christmas and not a soul was stirring to disturb the peace until...

Yes, that blasted N*xt sale where middle-aged women / men in search of the elixir of youth enhancing clothing descend to spend their credit card and buy 'bargains'. Door slamming, shouting and running around like lemmings in tap shoes and generally disturbing the peace. Have you not spent enough? Are you not aware that overpriced tat made by the ruined fingers and eye sight of small children in Bangladesh is not essential to boost your self-esteem? Stay in bed, chill, drink a coffee or read a book, fuck the attractive neighbour whom you've lusted after for the past two years or walk the dog. But please do get off the materialistic treadmill and rediscover the joy of a life lived to the full.
I have to admit that this time round Christmas  was a very quiet one for us and I am heartily glad it is over. I watched the PBS channel on TV last night about the history of the early Christians and it made me reflect on matters spiritual and likewise the dissemination of the early church and its message. I wondered how they celebrated Christmas back then as the festival, whenever it was, clashed and competed with other beliefs such as Saturnalia, Mithras, Yule, etc...  What appeals to me is how, despite the authorities attempts to sanction correct forms of celebration, the ordinary people wanted a brief respite from the hard toil of their all too often short lives and feasted, drank to excess, fornicated and generally misbehaved during this time. Perhaps I am being the curmudgeon here and should not criticise those who want to shop but I can't help but think it is a needless activity. Eat, drink, fornicate and misbehave and so uphold the old traditions is preferable to queuing for more over priced tat and missing out on life.



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