Saturday, December 17, 2016

The widget is getting bigger and as we have discovered, she has a big attitude to everything around her. This includes bullying the bigger cats to get their food, climbing into everything and lots of nocturnal activity which encourages the others to join in. Lively and mischievous, the prerequisites for a kitten.
I haven't blogged much this month because it is very much the same old, same old. Work plus ill health. Having seen the doctor who diagnosed cervical spondylosis I  will be attending for a MRI scan. I experience numbness, pins and needles and pain in my left arm although happily I can still use my arm. Unfortunately it disrupts my sleep which doesn't improve my general disposition. So a combination of gentle exercises and pain relief is the order of the day. It has given me pause for thought and I believe some lifestyle changes will be required after the holiday period. I was examined by medical students under the watchful eye of the GP whom I know well and we both suffer with this as we discussed rugby, bicycle accidents, caving, climbing and the time I fell twenty feet from a tree. No wonder my neck is knackered.

Otherwise we are generally ready for the madness to engulf us. Apart from a couple of cards sent to relatives who don't do I.T., I am donating to (a proper non-nannying) charity and everyone else will receive electronic greetings. No.1 son is a vegan so he will have a stir fry for his main Xmas meal and we are opting for roast beef. Beers and wine have been bought in and next week a couple of small shopping trips will suffice to ensure feline and canine needs are met. A work colleague was surprised when she asked me my Xmas plans and I replied reading, walking and military modelling... a lovely quiet time at home with family and I will avoid all media apart from music and DVD's. With bird flu down the road, the middle east in its default position of hatred and war plus politicians and righteous puritans spouting their usual hypocritical nonsense I intend to divorce myself from the world for a period of time. I will be working one day in the middle of the holiday but apart from that it will be family and friends only. I must away as there is a cup of tea with my name on it.


Blogger Scoakat said...

I had neck surgery in early 2011. My wife will need it sooner than later, I believe, as she complains about it daily. But do get it fixed, you will feel so much better in the long term.

Sounds like a wonderful holiday plan. Happy Holidays, Delcatto!

9:13 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks Scott. There's no date yet for the MRI scan but fingers crossed it will be sooner rather than later. At times it does feel like my left arm has become an 'alien other' because of the strange sensations that go through it.
I can't wait for the time off, just get through these next four days!
Merry Christmas to you both and the cats!

10:17 am  

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