Friday, October 21, 2016

A quick update and guess what? Yes, more modelling nonsense.
I have left the earlier panzer 2 as I have to consider weathering and washes for it, areas that will be very new to me. I thought I would crack on with a Somua S35, a French tank but used by the Germans following the fall of France. The model was slightly more difficult to build but relatively straight forward.

Once assembled and an initial rattle-can spray of primer paint I found a large gap between the upper and lower hulls which required filling. No applicator with the filler so done by my fair hands wielding various tools, hence the messy appearance. I will leave this to dry and then some sanding will be required.

The building is enjoyable especially when I had to scratch build some parts, fill in and then add some additional parts to alter the original model (turret for German service) but the creative part is coming next. Painting, adding washes for depth and weathering which I am looking forward to. Mrs C says she has never known me so quiet and concentrating for hours during this apart from when I have been studying. It keeps me busy and happy as I am a real nerd when it comes to armoured vehicles and the like.

At the moment it is a work in progress and I have ordered some sanding sticks for the fine detail work that will be required. I also have to construct a booth for spray painting and I will make up a cheap cardboard box for that job to see how I get on with it. I will be honest, having avoided any modelling for forty years I am now like a dog with two tails as I am thoroughly enjoying my re-found hobby. Hopefully it will turn out in a similar style to this...

In other news we collect Mindy the kitten this evening and reunite her with her mum Maisie. I was hoping to wait until after Maisie had been neutered but she is ready to come to her new home. It might perk Maisie up but she seems happy enough with the boys now. I have also applied for a full time job back in my old crisis team. My desire to pay off the mortgage and finally buy a camper van needs my return to full time employment for at least a couple of years. At fifty-six I still feel too young to retire fully and realistically, working until I am sixty years of age is a reasonable compromise. It also gives me something to moan about other than politics (WTF?!!), the gradual breakdown of society and the dreadful state of modern day media.
 I am showing my age Dear!



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