Friday, July 08, 2016

Satiated! A home made Tarka Dhal with rice made from scratch including home grown chillies and peas. Dried chillies from last years crop as this years have gone the way of dust thanks to many inches of glorious sunshine soaking the soil. The peas picked directly from the garden and very tasty, very sweet. I fancied a homemade curry and after last weekends 'problem' I opted for a vegetarian, nay even a vegan one. Very tasty it was too, I may even have a second bowl later. Last Friday I made a chicken curry which we all enjoyed. Come Saturday and the great white throne of Armitage Shanks became my permanent home for the next three days. The cooked curry was fine but I must have inadvertently transferred uncooked salmonella from chicken to my gob during the cooking process. It is one way to lose 3/4 stone in three days but not one I would recommend. Passing battery acid focuses the mind somewhat, particularly on cold water and ice applications. All in all, a lost weekend for all the wrong reasons.
The past week has been a busy one at work as, inevitably, assessments means paperwork and lots of it. Also, a day spent on the single point of access triaging any and all referrals to the service which was extremely busy. I clocked on at nine and when I next checked the time it was one p.m. The afternoon was even busier with an occasional surreal twist to it. I would love to say more about what I did but confidentiality necessitates we move on. Getting home for a shower and a large glass of cold cloudy lemonade was much needed as was the takeaway we ordered as I was too knackered to cook anything. Three days gone very quickly and the pleasant four days off starting today. Inevitably I slept in and spent the day attending to all the necessary chores that have built up over the past week. Boring, mundane and infinitely preferable to the violence, anger and crass stupidity dominating the worlds media. Tonight, a couple of beers, music, feet up and a good book.


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