Friday, July 29, 2016

Phew! A busy three days at work and I am very glad to have left it behind. Yesterday was particularly bad as I was the only nurse on duty as a result of leave, secondment and sickness. Unfortunately, umpteen nurses were required to attend to umpteen jobs and my planned admin day rapidly disappeared. On top of my regular work I was covering for colleagues on leave and a situation arose involving the police and crisis team. 5 p.m. could not come soon enough and I have to admit I ended up having a sleepless night, getting up very early and I feel dreadful this morning. I shall inevitably be phoning up this morning for an update as to the situation. On top of all that I discover I have not been paid for last months efforts and they still haven't sorted out my mileage. My goodwill has now run out and I will be having a chat with the team manager about this.

It is unlikely that some of you will be able to see this link which is an episode from '999: What's your emergency?'  but it gives a taste of what is happening in mental health services today. The police and the paramedics do a sterling job when it comes to mental health and they are absolutely correct. When 5 pm comes there is bugger all in most areas for mental health patients. The local crisis team is a name only and hardly anyone has a good thing to say about it. Sadly, it is not the fault of most of the crisis staff but comes down to funding and mismanagement. All in all a sad state of affairs.
On a brighter note...



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