Monday, July 25, 2016

It appears I may have acquired a follower on twatter who reads my blog and makes the occasional snide comment about it. It's quite amusing really but indicative of the sad inadequate life this individual leads. I don't link this blog to social media primarily because of my work although I say very little about the work itself on here. Another reason is that I retweeted something about a notorious media whore and within ten minutes I was being followed by several bot accounts all of which I blocked, as well as blocking the notorious media whore who is male and of a quasi religious bent. I have no desire to knowingly invite such characters to my blog. Hey ho! The weird and wonderful world of social media eh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mindset of people in society now is worrying. I have had awful things said to me online simply because of a difference of opinion to their own, no reasonable debate, just straight into verbal abuse. Why? Because they can. They get a sinister kick out of it. Such is life!

2:35 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Hello Unknown.
There are a lot of abusive & angry idiots out there, particularly on tw!tter. I disengage from them, mute or block as necessary & leave them to stew in their own toxic juices.

7:48 am  

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