Monday, July 18, 2016

I think it hit the high twenties celsius today. It is currently 27 C and it is lovely although very humid. Unlike the above picture the pooch and I stayed indoors in the shade at midday. To top it off I opted for a homemade beef Jalfrezi with some extra chillies. I've changed my t shirt once already after going shopping and then the meal brought me out in a sweat but I may need a cool shower and train the dog to use her tail as a punkawallah. Summer at long last, at least for a day or two until the thunderstorms arrive. I have been ignoring social media and the news by burying my nose in a good book and this time a real book rather than kindle.

Sadly back to work tomorrow on what may be an even hotter day. I shall endeavour to spend the day on visits rather than be stuck in a dreary office. I am sorely tempted to say "Sod it!" and spend the day on the beach at Cleethorpes but people are expecting me to see them tomorrow. Hopefully you all have good weather and may make better use of the weather than me.



Blogger Scoakat said...

Our weather matches pretty well at the moment. Later this week is expected 35ºC and humid with a heat index pushing 40ºC. That would be mid 90s/mid 100s F, if I got the conversion close.

No, I do not wish to discuss global warming at this time! ;)

10:51 pm  
Blogger TheFatBigot said...

It's far too long since I popped in to say hello, but I really must commend you for having the courage to take on the creation of curries.

I've tried it occasionally. Oh dear. French I can do, anything further south is beyond my chubby hands.

Although it is not entirely comfortable I have to say I find it a joy to have something approximating to summer weather. Despite the heat it is important that plump middle-aged chaps like me keep their shirts on, the risk of arrest for being disgustingly pasty in public (or some such recently invented crime) is too high.

5:57 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Two cool showers per day, watering the garden & soaking the over heated elderly dog (& me!); lots of non-alcoholic fluids & the eye wateringly hot curry all contributing to keeping cool(ish). I shan't mention warble gloaming at all Scoakat. ;)

Good to hear from you FB! My shirt is definitely staying on as I don't want to frighten the parishioners or attract Japanese whalers!

10:25 am  

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