Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I opted for days off as the pooch is struggling in this weather and I am also struggling with it. As I have aged my hay fever has not abated or reduced in its effects upon me. Rather the reverse and in this recent hot weather it has become more than a nuisance. The pooch, Sandy, is also struggling with her breathing so much so that the last two evenings we have stayed up into the early hours to keep her company as well as endeavouring to keep her cool. Happily, the house remains very cool and she sleeps sprawled out on the back room floor. We have again increased her steroids and as I have often stated, she has shown affection, loyalty and brought joy to us over the past nearly thirteen years. So I repay her in kind and ensure her final years are comfortable for her. In other news. the small pregnant 'feral' cat we have adopted has gone off to the cat rescue foster home to have her kittens. Once they are weaned she should be returning to us in approximately eight weeks time. She is very small and just about six months old. Surprisingly, she is litter trained and anything but feral so we believe she must have had a home somewhere.

The two boys were slowly becoming acclimatised to her although understandably there was wariness on both sides. I am happy to have another tuxedo cat!

I am also fed up with technology as the TV is now history and we had to buy a new one. It was intermittently losing sound and after googling the particular unknown make I discovered hundreds of similar complaints. We bought it cheap from Sainsbury's  and it is out of warranty. The new one is smaller and a well known reliable make. I would happily live without a TV and stick to books, computers and my hobbies but Mrs C was adamant a replacement was needed. She can return to watching cop programmes about wives who kill their husbands...

The peas have all been picked and were delicious with some being passed over to our neighbour. I have also picked a huge amount of garlic which is now stored away for use over the next year. With chives, mint, rosemary, sage and thyme all growing well we can also be reasonably self sufficient in herbs as well. I have plans to rearrange the garden this autumn and next year I intend to grow more flowers for colour and scent.

Work wise I am increasingly disillusioned with what is happening within mental health services and I have been looking at other work prospects. However, I shall hold off on that until next year as three days per week plus good money in this current job means I can save towards some time off next year for some travelling. I am mindful that we only have one life and it is best to live and enjoy it. Fingers crossed for some warm but pleasant days in August as I feel the urge to visit Whitby and finally walk a small part of Hadrian's Wall.



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