Sunday, July 24, 2016

                                          Courtesy of Rachisaurus

No.1 son has been showing me Pokemon go on his mobile as he has joined the throng currently hunting these imaginary critters. He was out last night with several friends on the hunt and I can understand the appeal but I shan't be joining them. I have heard criticism of this craze but when people are killing others in the supposed belief of serving their imaginary friend I think, well at least this craze is relatively harmless and brings the benefits of fresh air and exercise.

I made the mistake of enjoying a libation or two on Friday evening when I drank some St. Lucian rum. Goodbye Saturday and my plans for going out. I never learn that an excess of spirits leads to a deflation of my spirits the following day. However, the weekend spent pottering (seated and reading) around the garden has not been wasted and I am enjoying the variety of colourful flowers. Balm for tired sore eyes. I shall do more of the same today as well as catch up on the FutureLearn course I am currently enrolled in (The many faces of Dementia).



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

I did laugh at Any Questions this weekend - one of the panellists said, "And these young people looking for imaginary Pokemon are those who just a couple of weeks ago accused us oldies of ruining their futures!"

Shame they couldn't spend their time doing useful voluntary work in their communities instead...

9:17 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

They could combine the two!
An animal shelter in the USA advertised hiring out to adults a shelter dog & walking it for $5 a go as you searched for pokemon. That way you did not have to feel embarrassed playing the game.
After a week most of the dogs had been adopted, a waiting list for dog walkers & they were bringing in dogs from other shelters! Brilliant idea!
Transfer the concept to older adults in care homes, shopping for the housebound, etc...

10:05 am  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Wait til they start monetising PGo - creatures hidden in particular shops by particular products they are pushing, creatures you can only get to see in a cinema showing x film etc etc.

I'm sure it's in the development plan somewhere...

8:36 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

I hadn't thought of that BW. I think you are spot on with that comment as the opportunities to make filthy lucre will come in. I will await the first report of a kidnapped pokemon being held to ransom!

9:20 am  

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