Saturday, July 30, 2016

Another early start today but this one was dog related. Mrs C woke me up before 4 a.m. to report an unholy mess downstairs involving said dog and diarrhoea. There was shit everywhere! We spent the next twenty minutes cleaning up, applying bleach and sundry other cleaning agents and I thanked the gods I bought in extra kitchen roll yesterday. This happened despite me ensuring she went outside just before midnight. Sadly, this may another sign that age is fast catching up with her although it might be that she has eaten something disgusting picked up outside or in the garden.  Poor old pooch.

Despite going back to bed and grabbing a further couple of hours sleep I find I am tired and struggle to fire on all cylinders after a disrupted sleep. A bacon bun and a pint mug of home brewed coffee was the answer and now I feel much improved. I am expecting a friend's return from France this weekend and I can catch up on the news as to how things are over there. The mainstream media is slow, unreliable and works to their own agenda so hearing about it from a friend who has been out there for the last two weeks will be interesting.
The situation at work may be resolved as I spoke with my boss yesterday and the missing person has been located. I also finally got paid after a couple of phone calls and then an apology for a 'glitch' which had caused this issue. A glitch must be another name for someone who forgot to put my time sheet in for processing! A delightful colleague in the pay department sorted it all out.Now to kick that fourth cylinder into life and crack on with the day.


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