Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Pinch, punch, first of the month and no returns!

It is June the first and flaming it ain't. Howling winds, rain and cold. I have returned from the dentist and had to wrap up in a winter coat. Warble gloaming is not adhering to the computer models the climate experts have been producing in their ivory towers. The various plants I have lovingly set out in the garden have been flattened by winds and a variety of aerial objects or have given up the ghost for lack of sunlight. As for the dentist, having lost two fillings and discovering a bridge was loose I had little choice but to book myself in. I must remember to avoid appointments during school holidays because the precocious little madam who decided to clamber over me and ignore her ineffectual mother is not something I wish to repeat. The room was full of noisy ankle biters... it was like that scene from Father Ted with Father Jack encountering the "Hairy Japanese Bastards". Normally I don't mind kids but not in the dentist's waiting room when the anxiety meter is ratcheting upwards. Happily, today was a check up and the real work begins in two weeks time. I will be venturing out again later and taking the mutt to the vet so more waiting room drama with the possibility of encountering proper 'hairy Japanese bastards'!



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