Thursday, June 02, 2016

Deep joy... I have injured my arm and apparently it is again Golfer's elbow.

I injured my right arm several years ago at work when I pushed a box to one side and felt something snap in my forearm. It has niggled me on and off since then but usually rest, ice packs and ibuprofen help. Unfortunately I let the pooch jump out of the car at the vets yesterday and when her legs gave way I realised she can no longer get in and out unaided. Hence I had to lift her into the car and at 30 kilos she is a hefty beast which is when I felt the pain in my arm, just inside my elbow and reaching down to my wrist. Cue ice pack, ibuprofen and I am having to rest it. I don't play golf but repetitive activities such as using the computer may now be the culprit. Hopefully this is merely a temporary handicap but I can't safely drive or use the computer which is a bugger when it comes to work. The reason for the deep joy is that alongside this injury my old 'friend' plantar fasciitis has also returned in my left heel. It appears I am gradually falling apart as I get older and my recent return to walking has exacerbated this.  I don't get paid if I am off sick so hopefully a few days rest will alleviate it and I can get back to the part-time grindstone.

It does reinforce the need for both the mutt and I to lose weight! Her steroids have been reduced and she is a happier mutt all round albeit going deaf and sleeping more. Poor old thing. Otherwise my world has taken on a sinister aspect. I do so love my puns... The vets waiting room was full of elderly dogs, half of them being carried and expressing their unhappiness at being there although they were all small dogs. I could always consider this...

Perhaps not! Although I am trawling through ebay for a suitable dog ramp into the car but I think she can walk into the car and settle in the passenger seat well for her next veterinary visit. As using the computer isn't helping my arm and my left handed typing is extremely slow I shall finish this entry.



Blogger Scoakat said...

Had my own trip to the dentist again today. I swear he uses 3 times the novacaine needed.
But it was a beautiful day and I'm otherwise uninjured. Hope you get decent weather and mend soon, and good luck with the dog.

11:46 pm  

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