Saturday, May 28, 2016

It's a bank holiday weekend, the second one of May and a three day weekend for most folks not that it makes much difference to me. As per usual for a bank holiday, sunshine at first and now overcast with some ominous black clouds. Hopefully they are just passing over with the sun coming up behind. I was out early to cut the grass and the combination of grass and pollen necessitated a piriton and a hot shower. Hay fever has cut in on the turbo overdrive. One of the mutt's rubber balls  was caught up in the mower and it is now a piecemeal rubber b a l  l, sans squeak and round shape. The combination of the piriton and hay fever unfortunately means I write off the next couple of hours as my body retreats to sleep and the land of Nod. On the plus side, chocolate milk and music as I write my inane mutterings on the blog. I am currently listening to this chap which has brought back memories of the early seventies for me as he was always on the radio. He was very popular with teenage girls and naturally, as a teenager wanting to make the acquaintance of teenage girls I heard a lot of his music amongst others.

It's only now as I read through his history that I realise how much he has achieved over the past few decades.

The piriton is kicking in now so time to crash out for a while and listen to some heavier music... and no, I shan't be listening to the Bay City Rollers. I still cannot stand them.



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