Saturday, May 07, 2016

I wrote a blog post yesterday about my return to work but I'm afraid it turned into a rant. Having read it again I binned it. Suffice to say that all is not rosy in the world of mental health services with a severe shortage of staff, resources and an ever increasing demand for services. From a selfish perspective I shall be in demand for the foreseeable future. However, I am sticking to my two days per week for the next five months and then I will again have a break. This will fill the coffers, allow me the best of both worlds in that I keep my hand in work wise and have plenty of time for leisure activities. LE gave Mrs C. and me a one year subscription to some stately homes group. It looks like the basics version of the National Trust so we plan to visit several places over the summer. I can also attend to the garden after a dreadfully cold and wet Spring. Most of my plants from seed have snuffed it and I have amended my plans and bought some new tomato plants. They and the other seedlings will go in te raised bed this weekend.
The pooch remains lively for an old dog although we had two days of urinary accidents following the change in her medication. Various rugs ruined by canine biblical flooding and the house has acquired an unusual aroma because of this. Cleaning, airing rugs and open windows are now eventually eradicating this. She must have a five gallon bladder because I have never seen so much fluid gush from a sentient creature. Otherwise I continue to potter on and enjoy life at a sedate pace in the slow lane and occasionally on the hard shoulder.


p.s. It is apparently 'World Naked Gardening Day'!  I'll pass on that as sharp gardening implements, bitey insects and dangly bits do not mix!


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

If you keep on doing the same thing, you keep on getting the same result.

But, it's hard to give up a career that one has given ones life to, and achieved a certain status/income from, isn't it?

Unless you are a Syrian refugee, don't bother trying to access CAMHS round here. A friend's granddaughter has been severely self-harming with knives (necessitating hospital admission twice now) and she is on the waiting list for 'assessment'. 16-18 month waiting list, her parents have been told; as the receptionist told mum, "You'll be better off going private!"

10:33 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

It is hard to give it up, like a dog returning to its favourite bone. I'm no longer bothered about the status as my illusions about that was lost long ago. The money is good but I also discovered when I tried going for driving and admin jobs; too old, over qualified, wrongly qualified and some could not understand why I wanted to do it. I feel sorry for my younger colleagues, stuck working in a system that is not fit for purpose and possibly for the next 20 - 30 years for some of them!
I'm not surprised by your friends situation. CAMH's everywhere is struggling to cope. I honestly don't know the answer to this other than scrap the current system & start again with a return to basics. Treat & support severe & enduring MH; plough funding into CAMH's & preventative care so that the next generation isn't left to fend for itself. But what to do about dementia care? Plus, we have a society which appears to condone breaking & hurting people. The more noise made about "1 in 4", appropriate help where needed & "No one left alone", yet it is all empty slogans whilst careers are made, empires created and health & social care become paper exercises. I'll stop now because I am tired after work today.
You are right about getting the same result when doing the same thing!

7:27 pm  

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