Sunday, March 20, 2016

The past week has flown by and to be honest, I have done very little of note. I have completed the raised bed with fresh soil added, netting on and various feline defence devices. So far I have removed Sherlock at least seven times and I am hopeful the latest additions will keep the cats out. He really believes I have made a beautiful luxury feline toilet for his exclusive use.

I will be potting up seeds indoors for the bed as well as for various pots and fingers crossed we may eventually experience some warmer and sunny weather.

Dwarf and larger daffodils are out as well as a variety of the smaller flowers...

The birds are singing and there are buds plus some blossoms in the trees so spring is just about to explode and we can shake off the winter woollies / blues / bugs. I am ever the optimist.

I have also started another Future learn course: The Science of Medicines which will go in my nurse registration portfolio for future use. This first week has certainly exercised my brain and the organic chemistry sessions have brought long dormant memories of secondary school chemistry lessons back to the fore. Lessons in distilling alcohol, how to make explosives and rockets plus making wine from various fruits. I bet those lessons are not on today's curriculum... they weren't on it at that time either but Mr Fitch certainly had attentive pupils. I do wonder what became of many of those teachers. Some I know are dead with a couple at a surprisingly young age from my current perspective of 55 years. Below is the headmaster during my tenure at secondary school and I was surprisingly moved when I found out he had died.

Time marches on and I must away as critters to feed.


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