Sunday, March 06, 2016

I didn't make the gig last night as the pooch wasn't too well. All sorted out with veterinary advice and she is once again settled by my feet. A massive prolonged coughing fit with various liquids expelled from various orifices and the clean up operation took a while.  Not pleasant and my anxiety about her plus little desire to leave her alone led to me putting my feet up and dozing off in front of the TV. All's well that ends well this morning at least.

A comment by Blue Witch about luxury car ownership and how this disconnects one from the world fired me up for this post. For many years I refused to buy a car and I relied upon cycling or public transport. This was made easier in that I lived in London and using the bus or tube for travel was easy to do. Cycling was even easier and most days I would cover between 8 and 20 miles by bike with the occasional lengthy trip out for pleasure, usually around Hertfordshire or Essex. Parenthood and the need for a vehicle with space for buggy plus other assorted baby accoutrements necessitated I buy a car, an estate (Station Wagon). With hindsight I now realise I could have stuck to the bicycle plus a trailer / child seat but my natural anxiety about other idiots on the road pushed me to car ownership.
The past year of owning and driving a large luxury car, albeit an old one, was an eye opener. Other road users were more respectful when I was driving it when compared to my driving the little Suzuki. Admittedly the latter is an OAP mobile and excellent for driving around town. The Lexus also drew envious looks and seemed to rile up young BMW drivers whenever I encountered them. I did not feel comfortable owning it and at times I felt like a 'fraud' which is bizarre. Defrauding whom... defrauding whatever opinions or beliefs I don't really know? I do feel happier and more comfortable driving the Suzuki and cycling which I guess fits in with some of my more long term sensible beliefs.

My plan is to gradually get back into exercising: walking for the first few weeks and once the weight starts to come off to get back on my bike. When I do eventually return to work, whatever it is, I would like the option of cycling to work and relying upon that rather than a car. Again, it's that desire to live a simpler life with gardening, brewing beer, etc... and divesting my life of unnecessary things. I won't go the whole hog with knitting my own lentils and erecting a tepee in the back garden as I do like my comforts (central heating, hot water and computer!). I am looking forward to Spring and Summer this year and the walking / cycling will be an enjoyable part of that.

Looking at the above reminds me that next weekend lots of Lincolnshire attractions will be free to the public including the Cathedral and the Castle. So a trip over there and a day spent enjoying the sights plus my trusty camera in tow after I have dusted it off. One of the reasons for taking a break from work is to enjoy days out so this is something I am looking forward to. I must away as I can hear the cats scratching at the back door for admittance.



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