Sunday, February 28, 2016

The sun was shining and the rain held off for a while so I had to get out there...

Two old roots finally removed and space cleared for planting and a shed with the above being the first root.

That's the big root dug out after it had finally rotted through and minimal effort required by me. The pooch ever helpful and fascinated by the hole which I quickly backfilled. The other root is nearer the house and came out with a bit more effort. I plan to to put in a raised bed for salad vegetables with a suitable protection against small inquisitive cats and hungry birds. The space pictured above may be big enough for a small shed but I will measure up during the week. The ground will need levelling off which may prove to be challenging but I'll get there. Rain has now stopped play and I just need to get the two little buglers in. They are entranced by the tree full of birds and are ever hopeful. Happily the pooch interferes and puts a stop to the birds letting their collective guard down. All in all, a morning well spent and signs of spring are everywhere.



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