Monday, February 29, 2016

A trip to the vets today with the pooch for a further check up and she is booked in this Thursday for a raft of investigations which caused a sharp intake of breath when I was given the estimate. My fault for never having arranged insurance for the orange monster. But I believe she is worth the expense and I want to find out what it is that is troubling her. I believe it is chronic bronchitis as she is an old lady, overweight despite the diet and she can no longer walk too far. She got hold of a large box of  dental sticks, pigs ears and dry food the other day, courtesy of the cats who had managed to knock the box over. She went without food for the next day and it goes without saying we feed her separately from the cats. However, it could be something that medication will address and therefore she's now booked in. She was confirmed today as one of their worst patients as she growled, whined and danced around during a routine examination and she had to again wear a muzzle.

After the walk and all of that excitement she is sprawled behind my chair and out for the count.  Poor old hound.



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