Monday, February 29, 2016

A trip to the vets today with the pooch for a further check up and she is booked in this Thursday for a raft of investigations which caused a sharp intake of breath when I was given the estimate. My fault for never having arranged insurance for the orange monster. But I believe she is worth the expense and I want to find out what it is that is troubling her. I believe it is chronic bronchitis as she is an old lady, overweight despite the diet and she can no longer walk too far. She got hold of a large box of  dental sticks, pigs ears and dry food the other day, courtesy of the cats who had managed to knock the box over. She went without food for the next day and it goes without saying we feed her separately from the cats. However, it could be something that medication will address and therefore she's now booked in. She was confirmed today as one of their worst patients as she growled, whined and danced around during a routine examination and she had to again wear a muzzle.

After the walk and all of that excitement she is sprawled behind my chair and out for the count.  Poor old hound.


Sunday, February 28, 2016

The sun was shining and the rain held off for a while so I had to get out there...

Two old roots finally removed and space cleared for planting and a shed with the above being the first root.

That's the big root dug out after it had finally rotted through and minimal effort required by me. The pooch ever helpful and fascinated by the hole which I quickly backfilled. The other root is nearer the house and came out with a bit more effort. I plan to to put in a raised bed for salad vegetables with a suitable protection against small inquisitive cats and hungry birds. The space pictured above may be big enough for a small shed but I will measure up during the week. The ground will need levelling off which may prove to be challenging but I'll get there. Rain has now stopped play and I just need to get the two little buglers in. They are entranced by the tree full of birds and are ever hopeful. Happily the pooch interferes and puts a stop to the birds letting their collective guard down. All in all, a morning well spent and signs of spring are everywhere.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Buggrit, Millenium Hand and Shrimp!" as Foul Ole Ron would have it.

My plans for today have gone awry, with the start of walking myself back to fitness. Leaning over the sink whilst cleaning my Hampsteads and Ouch! My back has gone and I am hobbling around like an elderly Hobbit. Tea , toast and painkillers have been consumed and I have wrapped myself up warm and I am resting, Bloody frustrating but the dog is happy. She doesn't have to attend the V E T today and will have to wait until Monday to be poked, prodded and generally pulled about. She is not a good patient and if she is due to have X-rays she will need to be sedated. Poor old pooch.
The order for today is more tea, reading and DVD's or perhaps some music... Chet Baker or perhaps some Miles Davis.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

That's it, I am no longer an employee of the local mental health provider. I post that rather than local NHS provider because it is not the nhs. It is separate from the nhs and uses the NHS logo whilst being a not for profit social enterprise. I have an offer of working on the local nursing bank although I will think about that. To tell the truth I am fed up with psychiatry and these  articles explain some of the reasons. Chasing targets, ticking boxes, completing endless forms and assessments; applying for funding that is not available and when the new financial year commences having to reapply again with new enhanced paperwork for the same patients who will have to contribute from the meagre benefits they receive. Many will refuse and these people tend to be those with the most severe and enduring mental illnesses. Schizophrenia, bipolar and not the artistes luvvie version, severe depression and anxiety, etc... Payment by results and a culture of managerial-ism with a race to provide cheap care with a multiplicity of rules, regulations and protocols to ensure more admin staffs, managers and inspectors are required.  Meanwhile, lonely isolated people suffering from mental illness are left to stew in their own madness often in poor housing with inadequate support. So much for progress as politicians, managers, bankers, spongersparasites and bureaucrats get richer as they fleece the system. I will stop ranting now and go out to enjoy the sunshine.

Photograph: Fu Jianbin.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Just a short entry for this evening as I am knackered and there are a few beers with my name on them.

One minute after removing the new toilet seat and this happened... Cat in the box. It works every time  with any new box, small or large. 

Watson got there first much to the chagrin of Sherlock who lurked around the edges waiting for his opportunity to claim the throne.
I must away to the beers and a good book.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy cards, chocolates, flowers and other assorted commercial sales day. Yes, I'm not overly enamoured of this supposedly special day when I believe love can be shown throughout the year.

It is two weeks since my last entry and the leurgy has almost gone with just an irritating cough left to plague me. Unfortunately, Mrs C. has caught the leurgy and is blaming me for it. Rest, fluids and paracetamol are the order of each day for her. We are making plans to visit various country houses over the next several months courtesy of a gift from LE. I like the history and hopefully some ghosts while Mrs C wants to see the houses and gardens. We've decided to keep the Lexus for now as any long distance journeys can be completed in comfort. Although with an elderly dog we can't travel too far away. The poor old pooch  doesn't like to be left on her own and I have to admit I would worry about her if we were away all day. This photo was taken today and her grey has turned to white.

On the work front I have seven working days left to complete before I flee for pastures new. This coming week will be busy with visits & tying up loose ends. The final two days will be spent doing the inevitable paperwork as I prepare to hand over my case load. I've noticed a certain tardiness when I get up each morning for work. With three of us leaving and our 100 clients to allocate plus the lengthy waiting list and no new staff, it's not going to be much fun for those remaining staff. It will no longer be my problem and with the middle-east about to go pear shaped and the economic situation worsening, I suspect we'll have more important things to worry about. I must away as the cats are hinting it is time for tea.