Friday, January 29, 2016

I have taken the plunge and handed my notice in at work. After too many episodes of ill health, ever  increasing work loads with no sign of this improving and a general sense of dissatisfaction, I decided to opt for some time off. Interestingly, three of my colleagues are now leaving as well although they are going for other jobs plus our chief executive has now announced he is leaving. The latter announcement was made following the CQC inspections. Although the government and department of health make noises about investment in mental health care, the reality is that there is a 10 % decrease in mental health nursing numbers, less money and the reduction in funding in social care also has a huge impact upon our services. One positive during these interesting times in mental health is that of the latest research in schizophrenia. Potentially, this may lead to earlier identification and better treatment of people with schizophrenia.

As for me... sorting my health out comes first and a break from the ridiculous demands of management and ever increasing referrals to help people put their lives back together. Those with the serious and enduring mental illnesses should be prioritised, not those wanting psychiatric solutions to loneliness, poverty, inadequacy and their shattered dreams. Secondly comes spending time with family and restoring some balance to my life. That means gardening, brewing beer, walking and cycling plus returning to studies again. Speaking with my sister (the one who does talk to us!) about her stained glass making which she is considering taking to the next stage of trying to make money from it, we both agreed that it no longer pays to knock ones pipe out any more. In terms of happiness, satisfaction, contentment, call it what you will, I think it is better to enjoy a semi-retired life over whatever allotted time is left for me. Hopefully it will be another twenty plus years but the job appeared to be whittling the number of years left to me down to single figures. I just wonder why so many people are unable to see that they can make their own happiness and not expect others to supply it or find it for them. I will have to find work again and at the moment anything but mental health looks inviting. So once again into the great unknown with my last break from work as a template for what not to do this time around. Decorating will certainly be one of the first tasks to tackle so cue cats / pots of paint incidents in the forseeable future. Now, back to eradicating this awful ear ache I have and everyone's voices sounding like muted tinny Daleks.


Blogger Scoakat said...

Congratulations, bittersweet as it may be. I know you will miss the income but not the toll on your health.

Ch'ears' to you! (Take care of your hearing!)

8:58 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Pardon? Speak up there at the back as I adjust my ear trumpet.
Thanks Scoakat. After the day from hell yesterday I know I have made the right decision and I have now started to count down the days.

8:57 am  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Well done, so pleased you are where you are, but not for the reasons you are.

I shall nag you greatly if I see you veering back towards MH nursing.... :)

If we can do it, anyone can. It's amazing what you can live on.

8:56 am  

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