Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A slight change of direction as we appear to be commemorating death and this is how my mates and I first met Lemmy Kilmister.

It would have been the early eighties and it may have been Dingwalls, a club that hosted many fine bands in its time and one of our regular haunts. A group of us, all scruffy looking bikers and punks were there to see some band and one of our group, Max, was seriously addicted to space invaders, asteroids, etc... Max was competing with a couple of people on one game when we were joined by Lemmy. Both he and Max played and competed with each other for the next half hour or so. Max won with the best score - Lemmy told him to fuck off! A result as far as we were concerned and Max wore that accolade with honour. In many respects Max was a genuine 1% biker. He hadn't washed for three years, rode a bike like a demon possessed and how he was never killed I'll never know plus he had an attitude of not giving a fuck. So he wasn't fazed by status or celebrity and he genuinely did not know who Lemmy was until we informed him. Very much two peas in a pod although Max had no interest in music beyond a liking for Michael Jackson's music! Wearing an Abba t-shirt to a heavy metal gig was Max's forte. The last I heard Max is very much alive and kicking, father of countless kids and living in the Home Counties somewhere bringing them up. I had seen Motorhead a couple of times including one time where I was under the influence of pharmaceuticals and decided to place my head in the speaker at their gig at The Rainbow theatre. No wonder my hearing is terrible.
R.I.P. Lemmy... I'll keep the music turned up loud... Nowadays I have to!

Incidentally, THIS is the link to the Rainbow Theatre and it's fascinating checking out the gig lists. I now know what date I saw The Who supported by the Q Tips, The Stranglers and UB40 and  Nils Lofgren. Oddly enough, I preferred the clubs and pubs of Camden Town and central London (Marquee) for live music rather than the Rainbow. I could weep looking at the bands I missed out on seeing play live. C'est la vie...



Blogger Scoakat said...

I have never been the biggest Motorhead fan, but you just have to love Lemmy and all he was and represented.

Happy New Year, Delcatto!

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