Thursday, November 12, 2015

This is an update on the canine front... she had another appointment at the vet today and she was examined and treated in the car park. She has an infection so a couple of jabs and a lot of various potions and tablets in exchange for yet more money and she is now home again. Hopefully, this second lot of treatment will eradicate the infection and future treatment for her bronchitis and leaky bladder will be all she requires. For such a friendly and lovable dog she has to be muzzled for the vet as she grumbles, growls and fidgets although I would certainly do the latter if someone shoved a thermometer up my arse.

This past month has seen both cars serviced plus some necessary replacement parts for the Lexus, an emergency veterinary appointment for Watson after a cat fight and now this... a huge dent in my bank account and reason enough to offload the Lexus. A colleague is interested and I will see if he is still interested when he returns to work next week. At this rate with all the recent outgoings I will still be saving to pay off the mortgage in twelve months time. No wonder I can't afford to go anywhere! C'est la vie and I made the choice to have a menagerie and buy an elderly motor.
Work wise... I think I shall wait until said mortgage is paid and I move on to another job. I may well then write a book because change... call it what you will, it continues apace. Here's a vid of the tail end of the pooches cough...



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