Tuesday, September 08, 2015

I have to admit that I have spent a few leisurely days since my return from Colchester. Some walking... very slowly when I take the pooch out; pottering around the garden and catching up on old TV programmes on you tube (The Duchess of Duke Street). I currently have a fascination with late Victorian and Edwardian history and society. I had planned a blog on the refugee / migrant / exodus currently exciting the media but I believe I will leave that to others. Suffice it to say I am avoiding twitter, main stream media particularly the BBC and the more excitable political blogs. I can feel compassion for those displaced by wars but it remains telling that the majority of the migrants at the gates of Vienna and flocking to Western Europe are young males from countries other than Syria. Better to fund good support closer to Syria or to bring in families from those camps but... Back to my above stated fascination with a picture of Lillie Langtry...

I am pleased with the garden despite my less than assiduous attention to it this summer. Several cucumbers, raspberries, lots of jalapeƱo chillies, garlic, herbs and a lot of tomatoes. The latter are still predominantly green although I have picked a few juicy red 'uns. My plans for next year include the removal of a willow tree which, although I like it, is taking over a large part of the garden. I can clear a space for the green house / shed which has taken my fancy although the prices for them hasn't!

                                (Picture courtesy of this company )

An alternative for our small garden is a potting shed such as this one:

Being realistic I shan't be buying one until next year as paying off the mortgage remains my number one priority. I can however plan a proper retirement to include the garden, a measure of self sufficiency including brewing, etc... My delightful neighbours have supplied some delicious apples and blackberries this past week so fresh home grown fruits galore! 


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Hope all is OK delcatto, you're rather too quiet.

8:05 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Hi BW. I'm ok, just a lot on at work so I have very little to say. I will post over the weekend because I'm planning on gardening & staying close to home.

6:17 pm  

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