Saturday, August 01, 2015

It's been a while since I was last here on the blog...

The above clip is from last nights visit to 'The Yardbirds Club' here in town. An excellent night was had by all as we sent off one of our doctors who is moving to a new team. The band is a Whitesnake tribute band and the music was good but a real shame about the singing. A lot was drunk and we sat out in the smokers den and put the world to rights. Despite a late night I was up bright and fresh as a daisy in the morning dew awakening to the new sun.... Well, I got up and the awakening took a couple of hours longer to hit me. The ambulance blue lighting past the house at speed with sirens screaming ensured I woke up.
As for my absence... work got very serious for a few weeks in a fan and faeces stylee with incidents happening some of which had me doing unpaid overtime to deal with it all. I really must write some of these stories up when I finally quit nursing. Last night was good for several of us to let off steam and relax. Some of us have also decided to make Yardbirds gigs a regular thing and support our local club. On the home front the poor old pooch has seen the vet and she has one serious problem and a couple of minor ones. She's coming up to twelve years of age and sadly she is now very much an old lady. She's on meds for her unfortunate habit of leaving puddles around the house. She's given me years of loyalty and pleasure so I ensure she has a comfortable life in her dotage.  Anyway, here is some proper Whitesnake for your edification...



Blogger Scoakat said...

Unpaid overtime? Watch out for yourselves.
I've heard of Yardbirds. I know many bands I like have played there. Those bands also tour Europe more than here, better for the heavier music acts than smalltown American clubs. Also, I know you care for your dog, good luck with her.
Good to hear you had fun, wish I could've joined you. Cheers!

Oh! No vertical videos, Del! ;)

10:44 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

They have a real mixture of bands on, mainly heavy rock but they also play local bands as well.

6:18 pm  

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