Saturday, June 27, 2015

So much for a restful week off work! The boiler was delivered and fitted with everything now shipshape and Bristol fashion. The best part was the British Gas engineer who was delightful, attentive and got the job done to the highest standard. I could not have asked for a better engineer. But as ever, these things are sent to try us and it did so big style. Not enough gas pressure coming in from the mains - a chap comes out, tests and he remains unsatisfied. A large lorry plus several crew members arrive with the gas turned off for the street and two large holes dug in our front garden and the pavement. A job that could have been completed in one day turned into three days and the offending culprit was a large lump of clay stuck in the pipe. As the National Grid engineer explained it is unusual and shows that whoever fitted the pipes was an idiot. All in all the job was done, all of the workmen bar one was excellent and fussed over the pooch and we can now relax. I didn't think it was that stressful but yesterday evening and this morning I have a stiff neck and very tense shoulders. I guess that answers how stressful I do find it having workmen in. 

                                                      Photo courtesy of CIBSE.

In other news, the pooch needs her own servicing and I have been phoning around to book her in for grooming. I have attempted to trim her claws but she panics and howls the place down. So she needs professional attention but also of the veterinary kind. She is now incontinent of urine, only small damp patches but indicative of a growing problem. I just have a mop, bucket and bleach available but it can't be comfortable for her. She is unable to walk far these days with a round trip of one mile now the absolute maximum she can walk and that is at a slow pace. Poor old pooch is nearly twelve years old and she is increasingly showing her advanced age. I must away as for the first time this week there is sunshine!


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