Saturday, June 20, 2015

After an absence of three weeks with real life needing my attention I have returned. Real life sadly consisting of work for the main part but I now have a week off for some much needed R & R. I also have the gas fitters coming in with the new boiler and will be at home to ensure all runs smoothly. I have also started another on-line course courtesy of  Future Learn , It is the 'Hadrian's Wall: Life on the Roman Frontier' course and it will last six weeks in total. I have always planned to visit and so I leapt at the opportunity to bone up on the history and background information. The courses are generally quite short in length and are all free. I heartily recommend them as an introduction to subjects of interest and keeping the old brain ticking over. It is also a great way to escape the humdrum world of mental health for me.

I plan to spend a couple of days visiting the wall later this year for a taster and then next year once I am fully fit to walk several parts of it. Always an ambition of mine since I was bitten by the history bug and particularly so following  school trips to Verulamium and Camulodunum when I was a nipper. I particularly like connecting with other students from all over the world and I have completed several courses so far apart from one, 'Introduction to Dutch'. I intend to return to that one at a future date when it is repeated and I have the time. Sadly, work and staff shortages at the time left me little spare time for anything beyond sleeping. I've so far completed an eclectic bunch with 'World War 1 Aviation', 'WW1 Trauma and Memory', 'England in the time of Richard 3rd' and 'Irish Lives in War and Revolution' amongst them. There's an astonishing choice and well worth having a look.
Apart from the above I intend to get some walking in and fresh air into my lungs. Getting away from dealing with the problems of others, endless paperwork and the computer will be a welcome balm for my tired brain. It is also coming up to Midsummer although the summery aspects have gone absent without leave. The nights will begin to draw in!! A work colleague mentioned the team night out for that festive activity in December. No, I am not going to name it in June. She was deluged with derogatory comments from all and sundry for her sins. For today, a brief stroll about town and a possible stop off in the coffee shop may be in order.


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