Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sometimes the news states the bleeding obvious and the 'news' ('Olds' surely?) about Fifa is an example of that.

Governments, both local, national and international riven with corruption so it's no surprise that sport is riven with similar corruption. In the same week of Blatter sinking his snout further into the trough we have Blair ending a successful career as a Middle-East peace maker. A small child wearing a crucifix leading a pet pig on a lead can now walk from Cairo to Damascus without encountering any trouble whatsoever thanks to his freely offered voluntary ministrations. I guess when Blatter retires on medical grounds with 'dementia' later this year to avoid various law enforcement agencies Blair could slide seamlessly in to replace him. 
Meanwhile we carry on just buggering on and trying to make ends meet. The boiler will finally be replaced next month after I realised that it can be repaired once too often. I don't believe there is an original part left in it and we have certainly made use of the British Gas home care scheme over the years. My plan to pay off the mortgage seems to be getting further away but this is an old house and there is always something requiring attention and inevitably money to pay for that attention. C'est la vie... Hence my plan is to continue plodding on over the next couple of years at work because surprisingly I find I am enjoying it again. Even the difficult days and there have been many of them over the past several weeks. I know myself well enough to realise my enthusiasm won't last but I will be happy if it lasts until December. Talking with colleagues tho' and considering what I will do beyond working when one suggested I return to college part time whilst working, possibly a counselling course. To be honest the plumbing and woodwork courses look more promising so I could finally learn some DIY skills!


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