Friday, March 13, 2015

To revive an old theme...

Fridays nice guy:

It really was an obvious choice to plonk Pterry on the page.

Yes, I am back, possibly revitalised although only three cylinders are firing and there is an awful cloud of black smoke from the back end. The knocking sound is also somewhat worrying.
What have I been up to?
Not a lot to tell the truth. Working when not reading books and reading books when not working is the boring but true answer. I have been and seen that eighties icon and seventies Punk! Princess Toyah Wilcox. Yes, I admit to lusting after her when I was young whipper snapper and gadabout town. I never saw her back then because she was deemed too commercial and lacked credibility. What a pompous arse  I was in the late seventies! I enjoyed the night, realised Toyah bore an uncanny resemblance to the love of my love during the early eighties and that I am now an old codger. Standing up for five hours plus the walk home left me limping for two days as my right ankle gave up the ghost.
I also applied for two new jobs and then withdrew from one of them when I realised I was about to repeat the mistakes of my last job and end up driving a couple of hundred miles a day plus on-calls and shift work. I decided that I do like my current job, my colleagues are a fantastic bunch of people and there is a shared camaraderie as we deal with all that is thrown at us. The week I withdrew my application all hell broke loose at work and crisis mode adopted as I spent the week doing the equivalent of mental health fire fighting.... then a second week doing the same again. Thus I am here today tired but unbroken, grateful for Friday and a beer or two.
I have also decided I need a new motor and have been looking at sensible cars for sensible people at sensible prices. Which is why I am test driving an older vehicle tomorrow that is decidedly not sensible at all! I finally decided to stop thinking of others and treat myself so an older, comfortable, luxury Lexus which will be taken around the streets of Grimsby by a large man with a stupid grin on his face. It's even got a tape deck in it which is showing it's age. if all goes well and it's not a real lemon I may well be the proud owner of a 'classic' tomorrow afternoon. If not, I will have gained and lost nothing. Fingers crossed!


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