Monday, January 05, 2015

Welcome to 2015!
I haven't bothered to post until now as I anticipate the next week off and the usual (for me) January rituals of the MOT for the car and rejoining the local fat fighters club. It's a Sunday which means a lazy day of contemplation and keeping wrapped up warm beside the radiator. Admittedly, the elderly cat and dog are currently hogging the best positions which involves lying stretched out beneath the radiator!

So much for posting this... I had to deal with yet more large kitten carnage! They cannot leave potted plants alone. Added to the above list and as I have mentioned the little buggers, Watson is now booked in for his first appointment at the vet. It's the dreaded nutectomy! He's already disappearing to chase the local ladies and the two young female cats a few doors down have attracted his attention. The last thing I want is a basket full of young Watsons plonked on my doorstep.

Resolutions for 2015... The usual weight loss hence my joining the local fat fighters club; my bicycle is prepped and ready for the spring as I intend to get cracking with the old velocipede for exercise and fun; Paying off the mortgage which is an on-going resolution. Apart from these I expect (hope for!) the usual year of vegetable growing, brewing ale and keeping my sanity as the madness of an election year is upon us. I usually make statements about travel but there are two trips I intend to make this year. One to Ireland to see my Dad as he'll be eighty this year and the other will be to finally clap eyes on Hadrian's Wall. Hopefully you will all have an excellent 2015 and dare I ask what resolutions you have made?


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Happy New Year!

No revolutions here (as ever).

3:21 pm  

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