Saturday, January 10, 2015

My week off was spent dealing with, in no particular order...

Boiler repair.
MOT and car repairs.
Small cat castration.
Clearing out rubbish.

The first three cost me money as well as time although it cost Watson (small cat) a lot more. He is back to his usual noisy, inquisitive greedy self with Mrs C encountering kitten kitchen carnage this morning. Happily, the bottles bounced and did not spill their contents or the carnage could have been even worse. With the new neighbours at the back bringing in their moggies we are now inundated with young cats, several of whom meet in our garden. Good job I am mad about cats...

The boiler is now sixteen years old and from the multiple repairs we have had over the years I imagine only the metal skin is original. It's a good job I signed up to a cover plan but I am considering having some quotes for a new one. I'll start with British Gas and then work my way down to sensible prices. Having said that, there is no immediate need to replace it so I may wait another couple of years. The temperature yesterday evening was a balmy 17° C ( 62.6° F ) so the heating wasn't required. The cold showers over the past two days were a very different matter and I don't subscribe to their 'character building' mantra!

Otherwise I have been sitting in as No.1 drives his car and catching up with non-demanding spy and history novels, as well as following with mounting horror and dismay the crazy murderous situation in France. It still beggars belief that these murderous scum believe they can kill in the name of their religion. Denying their actions are those of Muslims is complete bollocks. It's their raison d'être, they believe they are justified by their sky fairy and scribbled nonsense to attack anyone who does not subscribe. Sadly, this barbarism is going to continue and I do not see any immediate means of dealing with them apart from stamping it out. Life is going to get more unpleasant for all of us, believers or not in any of the religious nonsense. I would say this is the 21st century and we should have moved on from this shit but, they are caught up in the medieval mindset of desert tribesmen and goat herders. "Sigh".


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