Saturday, December 20, 2014

I must be feeling my age because I cried off yesterdays pub crawl following the Team Christmas meal and opted for a quiet night in with a glass of whisky and the warm fire.

I'd also promised No.1 son more driving experience so I spent some time out with him yesterday whilst he drove his car. It's better equipped than my own car! Having said that, I do prefer my own car as it has more room despite being a small car... It's like the Tardis! I can only assume I am still feeling under the weather after last weeks bug because I cannot stop sleeping. I woke up in the early hours of this morning in the armchair with my headphones on listening to music plus assorted cats sleeping on and around me. Today we were up early and out shopping for the Christmas meals. The meat pack was a gift from my employer and it is greatly appreciated. We traipsed around the local market for vegetables plus locally produced pork pies, chutney, etc... We escaped the busy crowds and thence home for a late breakfast and feet up with some much needed freshly ground and  brewed coffee.
The past week has seen me busy at work and dealing with the main problem our clients face... loneliness. This is particularly so leading up to Christmas and we spend time ensuring people are linked in to various charitable events and meals on Christmas day. Sadly, we live in a very busy society and many people at the margins get left aside and forgotten or ignored throughout the year. I seem to spend much of my time suggesting groups, activities, hobbies, volunteering, etc... to people with my emphasise on connecting and communicating with others. Also valuing and being valued by other people. It's not all about money, status and shiny baubles despite so many people worshipping at the materialist altars.
Talking of communicating, we had perforce to do some of the same when Watson, the small kitten, disappeared for several hours. Wandering the streets and asking around after him. Happily, he reappeared on Thursday evening in a very agitated and frightened state. We believe he may have been locked in somewhere after his curiosity got the better of him. Both he and Sherlock are nosy buggers and are into everything including the drier, microwave, various cupboards and boxes. The Christmas tree and the assorted presents in bags are a source of endless fascination for them and the baubles are now staying in the locked box. Little tinkers.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

This problem of loneliness is one that I often think about.

I think the problem is that, because of today's regulations/society's general paranoia about 'protecting the vulnerable', there is no way of 'informally' linking older people with younger, as used to happen years ago (eg secondary school youngsters/scouts and guides often visited older people as part of their community service).

Now, if one befriends an older person, often their relatives become suspicious of one's motives. One lady I know used to take a hot meal around to a neighbour a couple of doors down twice a week, but her grandson asked my friend to stop doing so because he was concerned about the quality of the food (she is a personal chef!).

I don't know what the answer is, but, with an ageing population, it can't be relying on over-stretched offical services to set things up.

11:50 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

I agree. It's the break up of society as the state attempts and generally fails to take over the functions and roles of the family. Happily, I do know of and hear of individuals doing what they can for elderly neighbours.

5:50 pm  

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