Thursday, October 23, 2014

                                          Where has the time gone?

With little of interest to say and a busy work schedule I have neglected the blog of late. We have acquired another kitten, Sherlock's brother in fact. He arrived and we realised he is half the size of Sherlock who since joining us has had access to plentiful food and space to roam. TJ (Not Holmes or Watson!) is making up for lost time, so much so that after Mrs C cleared up the mess this morning we are limiting his food intake. Sherlock is now leaving the two old ladies alone and spends his time with his little sibling who follows him everywhere. A happy result all round in his new home.

I have a few days off at the end of next week and time to put the car in for a long overdue service. It's doing fewer miles with my daily work average of approximately 20 miles per day. The highest has been 50 odd miles and the lowest zero on top of a round trip commute of five miles. Just wonderful.
I haven't yet cycled to work yet and I will have the occasional paperwork day at the office where I could potentially cycle in. But I am part of a pilot scheme with a new notebook which today was enabled for wireless and mobile connections. So once again my office is potentially anywhere I open up the notebook  and log in. It may be possible to cycle to local visits with everything I require in the bike panniers. Health & safety / management may have a blue fit regarding my carrying the medical equipment, drugs, etc... on the bike. I will have to enquire about that but the usual autumnal / winter weather is more likely to dictate my vehicle of choice! But 9 - 5, Monday - Friday and home in a trice all makes for a happier delcatto. I am also rediscovering parts of town and local countryside I rarely visit having worked away for the last thirteen years. Occasionally I have parked the car up and walked to my visits which makes a refreshing change.All told, I am enjoying work with the usual caveats regarding the usual gripes but the positives outweigh the negatives so far.

I also like this time of year with the nights drawing in, Halloween coming up, the leaves everywhere and a brisk, breezy walk followed by settling into a comfortable armchair, a good book (Ghost stories anyone?) and a glass of something cheering is just what the doctor ordered.


Friday, October 03, 2014

I should write up an exciting post but I am enjoying the following...

It's been a long week, tiring and it's time to unwind. Some hard rock, the excellent whiskey and beer following a lengthy walk with the dog on the beach. Sand and seawater between my toes, fresh air and the soft gentle susurration  of the waves caressing the beach was balm to an over heated mind. The mutt has collapsed in a happy heap on her bed, even tolerating the kitten sleeping near her.
Have a happy and joyful weekend folks.