Sunday, September 14, 2014

The new house build out back has reduced the lighting from 'Good grief, is that a spacecraft landing' to just about bearable.  Someone else got to the developer first. I will post a picture at a future date of the new development but the above picture gives you an imaginative facsimile.
I tackled the garden yesterday and took some time out to lie back in a deck chair and soak up the sun. Given my chequered history with flying / crawling bitey things I stayed wrapped up. The spider bite on my arse has now had liberal amounts of hydro cortisone cream applied and the bite on my left foot similarly treated. How the hell did something bite me on the arse? I had layers on...
The chap popped around and fixed the guttering, securing a replacement part in place. Much to my surprise because I had assumed he would also replace the fascia but apparently the rest of it is fine . I don't mind because it has dealt with what was a slow leak of water and saved me money. I'll look at possibly replacing the fascia next year. It's added to the list  of works to the house I would like to have done.
I also received some interesting news about some very well paid extra work which I could do alongside my regular work. It could potentially result in me paying off the mortgage earlier than anticipated and escaping to semi-retirement all the more quickly. It will involve an extra several hours work per week so I will be making enquiries next week about it. Mrs C is pricing up those house improvements and adding them to that list! I realise that I am lucky in that I can escape the drudgery of the 9 - 5, Mon- Friday job whereas so many people can't. Although 'lucky' perhaps isn't the correct word. For many years I earned very poor wages, endured a lot of shit and stress and, there were times when the coffers were empty and we lived on basics until pay day came around. There were times when I was reduced to selling my belongings to pawnbrokers on occasion to ensure food was on the table or the bills were paid. However, I believe we make our own luck and I chose what, for many years, was a safe job, regular employment with demand for nurses always present and a good pension scheme. Sadly, I can see the toll stress has taken on some of my colleagues who are unable to escape and may have to endure the drudgery for the next twenty odd years.  That's when I count myself lucky.



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