Saturday, August 23, 2014

A morning of grass cutting, weeding, feeding and tending to plants has resulted in one happy but tired delcatto. I have been too busy to attend to the garden these past two weeks and it showed. Weeds are really pernicious buggers and they thrive! I have had to concede defeat to the caterpillars and sadly the sprouts have been removed. I am considering clearing a patch in the garden and erecting a small greenhouse (Titter ye not Missus!) for some of the plants. This will hopefully allow me to grow sprouts next year sans caterpillars as well as a home for chillies, tomatoes and the Black Olive that is thriving. The latter will be transferred to a larger pot and wintered indoors.
The houses at the back are very near completion but they have outside lights that are incredibly bright. We'll ask whether they can be masked on our side and if the answer is no, dark evenings, a ladder and black paint may be required. Alternatively, a letter to the council may be the first step to resolving it. I'll ask the developer first and hopefully it can be resolved. I enjoy watching the night skies especially on a dark winters evening. The new lights have put the kibosh on that as well as being incredibly obtrusive for those who sleep in bedrooms facing the back.
As for this weekend... a chance to recharge my batteries, possibly go out on the bike and perhaps a pub. I don't have a 'local' any more and many of the pubs in town aren't for me. Wetherspoons is too barn like and all I really want is a quiet local where I can read a book and sup a pint. What is more likely is a quiet beer at home with the kindle and, if the weather holds up, sat out in the garden enjoying some increasingly rare sunshine. We'll see...

Friday, August 22, 2014

It has been one of those months thus far with work on top of work on top of... You get the picture. No time for blogging and my preference  has been some reading with a cup of hot chocolate and early nights. A rock and roll lifestyle it ain't! We have received dire and dread warnings about mentioning the employer in social media in a negative light so may I say all is sweetness and light and everybody's 'appy!

The kitten is thriving, very lively and 'she' is apparently a male. The two small hairy spheroids to the back end are the proof of that although a trip to the vet for jabs, etc... will definitively confirm the gender. Tuppence will now be renamed Sherlock! He is also growing in size and the large paws indicate he will be a fine lump of a fellow. The two poor old ladies are tormented by him as is the long suffering pooch. He climbs everywhere and nowhere is safe from his inquisitive nose and whiskers. All in all life is jogging along although blogging will remain light for the time being.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

The garden this year has turned up trumps with lots of large, luscious and very tasty cucumbers. Enough produce enabling me to give some away. The tomatoes are now turning red with a huge crop on the way plus lots of chillies to come in the next several weeks. The only fly in the ointment or, rather, the only caterpillar in the ointment has been the little devils infesting my sprouts. I have used organic bug killer spray, picked them off & the jet function of the garden hose. After all of this the little buggers still pop up albeit fewer with each passing day and my ongoing defence of the sprouts. I have also received some courgettes (zucchini ) at work from a colleague so plenty of vegetables currently. Another bonus has been a crop of garlic at long last from the garden. I planted some last year and I forgot all about them. With mint, sage and rosemary also successfully grown it appears that finally I am getting the hang of this gardening lark.
The kitten has been exploring the garden after a heart stopping morning where she disappeared over the back fence for a couple of hours. We then discovered her sprawled beside Tigger who was not altogether happy to have the widget parked up alongside of her! Anyhow, back to weeding and tending to the various plants, a wonderful antidote to work as well as soaking up the sunshine.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Pinch! Punch! First of the month & no returns!

Tis August and so we bowl ever onwards into summer. Cloudy and overcast today but still it remains warm and humid. To celebrate the end of the working week I have eaten a delicious chicken shish kebab and I am now drinking cold cider, scrumpy to be precise. Cloudy, strong and from the taste it is possibly hallucinogenic too. It has been a busy and, in some respects, a difficult week for me. I can't yet go into too many details but I may be forced into looking for new work having stood my ground on a particular issue. Watch this space...
On a more positive note, work is busy and I am enjoying it despite the frustrations and bull shit I encounter. I like the clients and I like my work colleagues plus I am never too far from home. I have also rediscovered weekends and particularly Sundays which truly is a day of rest (laziness) for me. More cider required as I end six days sobriety and spotify tuned to Rock music...